POCO DIVO Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter RC Flight Infrared 3CH Gyro Marine Aircraft Model S111G

Built-in 6-Axis Gyro Stabilizer:Gyroscope system can constantly adjust the aircraft various spin phenomena in flight; Let the airplanes in flight is more stable, more easy to operate.
2 Frequency Options: Fly Up To 2 Helicopters at the same time
3-Channel Infrared Control: Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down

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Team Losi Racing Silicone Diff Grease 8cc: 22

Made by Team Losi Racing; Team Losi Racing is a United States based company; parts are sourced from Taiwanese producers
Team Losi Racing part number 2952; UPC 660132002916
This item works with: Losi 1:10 JRX-2, JRXT, JRX Pro, Junior 2 – Vintage, 1:10 Speed T, 1:10 TLR 22 3.0 mm, 1:10 TLR 22 4.0, 1:10 TLR 22-4, 1:10 TLR 22SCT, 1:10 TLR 22SCT 2.0, 1:10 XX Buggy, 1:10 XXT Truck, 1:10 XXX Buggy, 1:10 XXX-CR Buggy, 1:10 XXX-SCT XXX-SCB, 1:10 XXX-T CR Truck

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