HANVON Go Go Bird Flying Toy,Mini RC Flying Bird Helicopters,Bionic Flying Bird,Mini Drone-Tech Toy,Remote Control Flying Toys,Easy Indoor Outdoor Small Flying Toys for Kids, Boys and Girls,Yellow

Go Go Bird Flying Bird with 7 Colors LED light: Flapping wings let it look like a real bird in flight! You just need to throw the flying toy bird out gently, it can start to fly immediately. The most surprising feature is that it can fly in the opposite direction when the obstacle are close to it. Thanks for the advanced infrared sensor technology, you can also use the remote control to control its direction. Bright 7 colors changed LED light boosts fun of flying at night.
Autonomous Obstacle-Avoidance: With smart obstacle-avoiding module inside, Infra-Red control, Go Go Bird flying toy is capable of autonomous obstacle recognition. Go Go Bird flying toy will turn around automatically 6 ft away from the wall for self protection. Great mini RC toy for beginner.
6-Axis Sensor: Integrating bionics, AI, aerodynamics and precision machinery technology, Go Go Bird flying toy can offer you amazing remote-control auto flying experience. Fly up to 100Ft away, With six-axis sensor inside, Go Go Bird flying toy can do smart taking-off by hand lifting up-and-down. automatic emergency stop in sudden crash or landing situation.

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