Aterox DJI Mavic Pro Accessories Gimbal Cover Lock & Transport Clip & Lens Sun Hood

✅ ESSENTIAL MAVIC PRO ACCESSORY: In addition to filters and software settings, our sunshade is an excellent hardware solution for your DJI Mavic Pro / Platinum drone, It can reduce the glare from the sun which can cause the props to give a flicker on your video footage due to the props cutting through glare from the sun and reflecting it on to the cameras lens.
✅ REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN: We read all the negative reviews (similar products) in the market, and then made changes, incorporates significant improvements over other competitors – Expand opening design reduces vignetting effect, Block the sun or other light source at side angles in order to prevent glare and lens flare, help you shoot professional quality images and video.
✅ CLEAR VIEW: We have tested our sunshade with similar items before selling on Amazon, the sides won’t come into view when you quickly yaw/pitch or in sports mode, while others will block as much as 1/3 to 1/2 of the picture during acceleration and up to 25% of the picture in a turn; also we have thoroughly tested this and won’t fall off in flight; easy to remove and have no effect on gimbal calibration.

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Aterox DJI Mavic Pro/Platinum Gimbal Lock Camera Guard Protector Transport Fixed Lens Cover Accessories (Transparent Gray)

✅ Are you tired of forgetting to remove the clear stock lock provided by DJI? Our Mavic Pro/Platinum Gimbal Clamp & Lens Cover is a replacement for DJI original clip that fits to the front of the camera, and not only is a much more secure fixing for the rather delicate camera and gimble but also provides added protection for the camera lens.
✅ Taking just seconds to install and remove, this bundle kit not only provides additional protection but is also far more visible ensuring you are less likely to forget to remove it before startup.
✅ Full coverage design, can fix the gimbal, prevent gimbal and camera from waggling, collision, dust, water during transportation and storage, makes protecting your quad even easier and you’ll never have to worry about losing your gimbal lock again.

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